I really like your military dedications. We should never forget these heros.

–Frank S.

5th Special Forces Group Embroidered blazer crest patch

Message: Just wanted to let you know I got it and it is better than I

expected, a beautiful item and very proud to own, THANKS for such a quality


–James D.

 This is a very user friendly site. I have visited their store and it is amazing. The customer service is top notch and their product is superior. They will find what you are looking for and stand by their product.

–Rick N.

Very satisfied with my order, received quickly.  A large merci to your team. See you soon.

–P. Carcan

Hi every one.. writting from France.. I will do it in French.. Un site web
excellent, un service efficace, rapide, sympathique.. des produits de très
grande qualité.. pour les passionnés,, je le recommande chaudement ! et
j'en parlerai autour de moi, ils méritent d'être connus outre atlantique !!


I had been eye-balling some challenge coins on a well known auction site and
started sniffing around for another vendor to buy them from. That's how I
accidentally stumbled in here.

I sure am glad I did!

I ended up buying two coins that were from the Units I had served with 50
years ago. The 3rd Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division and, more
specifically, Headquarters Company, Recon Platoon, 2nd Battalion of the 506th
Airborne Infantry. Currahee! (64-65)

The coins arrived today and they are beautiful! They'll serve as a nice
reminder of the Unit that I took great pride in being a member of.

I couldn't be happier with the service that I received here at Special
Operations Group. The price was better than what I found anywhere else.
That's always a plus! And the coins were shipped securely almost immediately.

So, based upon my initial experience here at SOG, it's been a win-win! I got
two great keepsakes from my military service and I discovered a great place
to spend my discretionary income on all kinds of cool stuff. In the words of
Arnold Schwarzenegger/aka/The Terminator..."I'll be baack!"

–Ron C.

Thank you for posting SGM Jon Cavaiani,our brother will be missed.
All of the TAMPA BAY Area send our PRAYER's to Barb and family

–1st Sgt. Bill T.

You are what customer service is all about. I ordered a few decals and they were here in just a few days. In contrast, I ordered some decals from on of your competitors the end of January and have not seem them yet. And even worse, they have refused to answer a single email. Maybe you could give them a few lessons in plain old courtesy. Again, thanks for the great service. I have you bookmarked.


SOG gets you your orders in a timely manner and. most of all 

–Ben R

I would like to say thank you for having Wyatt Goldsmith on your wall . I
love that guy and miss him every day . Wyatt was my friend and awesome person
not only as a great ODA guy but a great person to be around . Thank you for
giving Wyatt Goldsmith ODA-1314 the recognition he deserves . I will let his
father know John Goldsmith and Nicole his sister that he is remembered .
Thank you . I am grateful for people like you and your company .

–Timothy O'C

I asked if there was anything for the United States role in the invasion of the Dominican Republic 1965. At that time there wasn't , but I contacted the owner and he said they would look into it.
There is now a Operation Power Pack patch, 1965-1966. 82nd Airborne Division was present there for over a year. During the Invasion there were 44 KIA. This event was over shadowed by the Vietnam War.

THANKS making the Patch. MACK

–"CC Mack"

Love the Official Bin Laden Martini Patch, two shots and a Splash. love the cocktail. love my country ,love what
you do thanks ed whooah!!!!!!!!!!!

–Edward C.

Fast delivery, perfect product, hell I would almost believe you learned speed, integrity, and action from the MACVSOG. My pleasure and pride to associate with you.Thanks D. Rafus Msgt RetUSAF Combat Controller CCS Quan Loi 1970-1971.


–D. Rafus Msgt RetUSAF

Danke! Super Coins! Sehr schnelle Lieferung! Jederzeit gerne

–Carsten K.

I appreciate the remembering of the fallen on your website.  Let us 
never forget the one's who gave it all.

–Joseph S.

Received order today and the Special Forces decals are great! Super quality and design that made it a breeze to stick on a glass surface.
Great job guys!

–Robert S.

I was happy to find your site. I graduated from MACV Recondo School in 1968. I was with the 101st (ABN) 3/506th E company (LRRP)

–Edward P.

I was reading through the list of fallen soldiers and and came across the
name of SGT Roy A. Wood.

I served proudly with him with the 73rd Field Hospital in St. Petersburg. I
did not know he was killed and I grieve for him today.

Thanks for publishing his name. I won't forget.


–SGT David G.

W końcu odebrałem od Państwa sklepu naszywkę, trochę czasu jej to zajęło by dotrzeć z USA - ale naszywka jest naprawdę ładna i jestem zadowolony.
Pozdrowienia z Polski
Polecam ten sklep!



I'm very glad to have found you on the web. The pin from my old unit Air Force Combat Control Pinis awesome and I'll be proud to wear it. Thank you very much.