Vietnam - Douglas EC-47P (Color) Decal

Vietnam - Douglas EC-47P (Color)  Decal

Vietnam - Douglas EC-47P (Color)  Decal

Several C-47 variations were used in the Vietnam War by the United States Air Force, including three advanced electronic warfare variations, which sometimes were called "Electric Gooneys" designated EC-47N, EC-47P, or EC-47Qs depending on the engine used.[8] EC-47s were also operated by the Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian Air Forces.  A gunship variation, using three 7.62mm miniguns, designated AC-47 "Spooky" often nicknamed "Puff the Magic Dragon" also was deployed.

2.5 Mil, high gloss.  Peel from back,  Apply on back 

Sizes from 6" 8" or 12'"

Price: $7.00