WWI US Pursuit Pilot Wing sterling

WWI US Pursuit Pilot Wing sterling
SKU: P-1864

This is a museum reproduction of an extremely rare WWI wing. Talk about ultra rare, this is it. You can’t even find pictures of this one in most of the books. They just don’t exist. 3 3/4 inches wide. The only pictures seem to be ads from WWI selling the wings. Most pilots just wore their standard Pilot wings and very few spent the extra dollar to get these.  Most wings were jeweler designed and not official. The pursuit pilot wing is the rarest of all WWI wings. This reproduction is made with sterling silver wings and the center section in Brass. The wings are attached to a brass plate and wool  is properly placed between the wings and the plate and then hand sewn. This reproduction is totally handmade as were the originals.

Please note this wing shows US on the shield but the one being sold here does not have the US. If you want this wing with the US please go to P-1864US.

Price: $300.00