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Seal Team 2 Patch
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Navy Seal Team 2 Patch


Navy SEAL Team #2 – A Brief History

Little Creek, Virginia serves as the home and headquarters for Navy SEAL Team #2, and is lead by a Navy Commander. Eight platoons in total make up the military force behind Navy SEAL Team #2. As far as Deployment and Training is concerned, Navy SEAL Team #2 focuses in Europe, wherein it sends platoons to Germany where they serve on Amphibious Ships which are deployed to fleets 2 and 6.

It should be noted that Navy SEAL #2 is the only SEAL Team that has arctic warfare capabilities. This is one of the most unique traits of SEAL Team #2 that sets it apart from all others.

When Navy SEAL #2 was first formed it was lead by LT. John F. Callahan and consisted almost solely of members from UDT-21. Additional statistics state that Navy SEAL #2 began with a total of ten officers and fifty general ranks.

One notable Navy SEAL who served as part of Navy SEAL Team #2 is Harry Constance who joined in 1966. Within four years Harry Constance had completed 300 missions during combat in Vietnam and also captured nearly 200 enemy prisoners. Harry Constance is in fact considered to be one of the most well recognized SEALs from his time. All his endeavors resulted in 3 bronze star medals and after being wounded in battle a Purple Heart. Harry Constance was in fact idolized by the majority of men who served not only as part of Navy SEAL Team #2, but also all other Navy SEAL Teams that were in operation at the time.

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