18 Fox Print

18 Fox Print
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18 Fox Print

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11 x 14"

18 x 24"


SSG Croaker, Edward a Special Forces Operator, was born on 15th Sept in CassLake, MN. SSG Croaker began drawing since the age of 5yrs, and started tattooing since the age of 14yrs. SSG Croaker worked as a stainless steel welder and pipefitter for 15yrs. In 2005, SSG Croaker at the age of 29 joined the US Army and served with the 25th ID in Hawaii as a Cavalry Scout Team Leader. As a Cavalry Scout, he served a 15-month tour in Iraq.

SSG Croaker began his quest to become a Special Forces Soldier in 2008 by attending the Special Forces Engineer Sergeant’s course. He completed the Special Forces Qualification Course in May of 2010 and was assigned to 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) now based in Eglin AFB, Florida. He was assigned to Operational Detachment-Alpha (ODA). As A Special Forces Engineer Sergeant, He served on a worldwide mission to include 20 months in Afghanistan.

SSG Croaker is now being medically discharged from the military, due to exposure to multiple blasts. He now suffers from Sever Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). His awards and decorations include: BSM, Purple Heart, Arcomx2, AAMx2. He now depends on his artwork and trying to build a business for his family members Veronica (spouse), Abigail (daughter), Alex (son), Edward (son).

SSG Croaker says, “Brining an artistic style forward is very hard work”. When he’s not tattooing, Edward is drawing with graphite, acrylic oil, or ink. He thinks it’s critical to push himself to improve his artistic skills and extend his imagination every day. His single-mind focuses on achieving excellence and strict ethic that demands he consistently put forth his very best effort. He says he’s never quite satisfied with his work, and hopes he never will be. He prefers to keep pushing himself to achieve the next level of wonderfulness of art.

Thank you for supporting a Wounded Warrior/ Green Beret.

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