18th Fires Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division St Michael Paratrooper Medallion
192nd AHC Decal
197th Infantry Bde Decal
199th Infantry Brigade Pin
19th Brigade Texas Guard Decal
19th Cavalry Regiments Cross Swords
19th Group Special Forces Bullion Pocket Patch
19th Military Police Regiment Quick Response Team (Green) Decal
19th Military Police Regiment Quick Response Team (White) Decal
19th Special Forces Group Beret Flash
 19th Group Special Forces Challenge Coin.
19th Special Forces Group Clock
19th Special Forces Group Decal
Special Forces 19th Group Decal
19th Special Forces Group Pin
1D-9 Cavalry Decal
1st / 2nd Lieutenant Rank Pin Subdued
  1st Army Airborne Task Force Decal
1st Armor Division Clock
1st Armor Division Hat
1st Armor Division Old Ironsides  Clock
Army 1st Armor License Plate
1st Armored Division Challenge Coin
Army First Armored Division Hat Patch
1st Armored Division Hook And Loop ACU Patch
Army 1st Armor License Plate
Army 1st Armored Division Old Ironsides Decal
1st Armored Division Patch
1st AD Old Ironsides Embroidered Charcoal Stadium Blanket
1st Army Division (Old Ironsides) Bistro Mug, Available in Black, White, Pastel
1st Army Division WEST Decal
1st Army Patch
1st Army Patch
Army 1st AVI Brigade Decal
1st Battalion 325th Infantry Regiment Oval with Jump Wings Decal
1st Battalion 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment Oval  Decal
1st Bn 14th FA Decal
1st BN 33rd Armor (2005) 1st BN 33rd Cavalry Decal
US Army 1st Cav. Div. Bumper Sticker
1st Cavalry 'Vintage' 7.62 Design Battlespace Men's T-Shirt
1st Cavalry - Vietnam  Decal
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