New Patch 8240th United Nations Partisan Forces Korea (UNPFK)

8240th United Nations Partisan Forces Korea (UNPFK)

Personnel assigned to UNPFK, 8240th, SOG-JACK, Avary, Blueboy, Kirkland, Wolfpack, Leopard, Mustang, Baker Section and other units under the 8th Army’s G-3 Misc Group worked deep in North Korea to gather Intel, conduct raids and sabotage, rescue POWs, recruit & lead guerrilla armies and create confusion in the enemy’s rear. They used an Armanda of ships, boats, and junks along with the group's experimental weapons. They worked in cooperation with Navy UDTs, Korean Marines, US Army Special Forces, small airborne forces, partisan groups. A lot of WWII OSS operatives were involved with these units. After Korea many of UNPFK operatives went into Special Forces.